About - Our Mission

As a Christian newspaper and voice to the community, The Crown shall aim to be a witness to the transforming power of Christ through journalism. In all of its dealings, The Crown shall reflect Biblical norms.

The Crown shall be a medium for the open expression of the responsible opinions of Redeemer students. Responsible opinions stimulate discussion and growth in the community, while attempting to avoid purposeless discussion.

The Crown shall report and comment on various campus events and issues, as well as events and issues beyond the campus, insofar as they are relevant to the Redeemer University student body.

The Crown shall evaluate contemporary phenomena, based on a Christian understanding of culture. In all of its reporting, commentary, and subsequent content, The Crown shall aim to celebrate God’s creation, while recognizing the brokenness in our culture, understand that no world or picture is neutral.

The opinions expressed in The Crown are not necessarily those of Redeemer University College’s student body, faculty, or administration. The Crown is published eight times per academic year. It is funded by the students of Redeemer University College and by advertising. The Crown is published by students, but is dedicated to the broader college and Hamilton community.