ASFA: Redeemer's Newest and First Female Science Club

Chelsey Hurst

It all began in a Chemistry lab.

Students were busy at their stations preparing for their presentations. In just a few minutes they would demonstrate to the rest of the class all of the knowledge they acquired over the past year of the chemical processes and interactions that take place at the molecular level.

Anticipations were high. Excitement and a sense of creativity filled the air. In less than 20 minutes the presentations would begin, and the sound of explosions would ring through your ears, colourful flames would dance before your eyes and elephant toothpaste would bubble up seemingly out of nowhere.

It was in this environment that the idea was born, and ASFA had its beginning.

We didn’t plan to discuss it. No one came there that day with the idea percolating in their minds for some time before then. It just . . . happened.

Like any great invention of times past, the moment was right, and we could all feel it. Well, by “all” I mean myself, Alanna Van Ommen, Alyssa Tuinstra, Ewuraesi Dwira, Sarah Veerman and my sister Jackie Hurst. Just the usual fab-six that could be caught hanging around a chem lab on a Friday afternoon from 2 to 5 PM.

But this day was different. The conversation inevitably got around to how great it was being in a science program here at Redeemer, and how great it was knowing so many other fantastic ladies in the science programs at Redeemer, and, finally, how amazing it would be if there was a place where all of the scientifically inclined ladies at the school could come together and have camaraderie and fellowship with each other.

In no time at all the rest fell into place, including an emblem, a secret symbol and, of course, a name. We knew the name had to be dynamic and something that would represent the magnitude and quirkiness of the idea.

There seemed, therefore, to be no better option than ASFA, The Association of Scientific Females Anonymous.

Eight months later, and here we are, an established club that meets once a month to have the very fellowship we aspired to from the start. We play games, eat cake and have scientific-themed fun together.

Officially, ASFA is a new science club on the roster at Redeemer. Unofficially, it is a place where ladies can depend on for a safe and stimulating environment where relationships can be formed and deepened throughout their time at Redeemer.

Now, we look forward to the future, and to what other amazing plans God might have for us to accomplish as a group.

If you have any questions about ASFA, or would like more information, email Chelsey at Hope to see you there!