“Not Again....."

It’s that time of the semester again. Paper season is descending upon us, and no one can escape its wrath (except for maybe science majors—lucky devils).

If you find yourself gleefully anticipating the prospect of losing sleep, alternating between the depths of despair and the heights of fury over Redeemer’s wireless connection (which will probably cut out right after you find the perfect spot to sit and do research), and existing for weeks under the influence of willpower and food rations that would make a military man cry (who has time to do silly things like take care of the body?), then you have my full permission to stop reading this article and return instead to handwriting your own personal copy of War and Peace, walking over a bed of hot coals, memorizing the dictionary, or whatever other activities you find sufficiently diverting.  Let me know how that works out for you.

But if the aforementioned circumstances strike you as particularly grievous, take heart! You’re not alone!

For those not especially thrilled with the idea of riding through paper season on the lonely train, people at the Writing Centre are there to help you wade through the complexities of summaries, analyses, thesis statements, citation methods, report formatting, and whatever other writing ills plague you.

We’re there to help you find your direction in writing and learn how to proceed effectively through your assignment. While we don’t proofread your assignments, we will make sure you’re confident about where to go and what to do in your paper.

Getting an appointment is easy. Just pop in the Writing Centre near room 224 and put your name down in the green appointment book on the round table just inside the door. We’re open 9-3 from Monday through Thursday, and 9-12 on Friday.

One last thing! We’re there for ANYBODY who would like our help, which means writers from varying backgrounds and skill levels.

We often work with a wide range of students, and some of them are very confident writers. While we certainly help people who find essay writing to be a regular uphill battle, sometimes we are needed simply to give polished essays a basic review for any general errors or to give a second opinion to people who are already pretty sure where they’re headed with a piece.

If you find paper writing to be a drag, don’t do it alone! Make use of what is freely available to you. And don’t worry about whether or not you “belong” in the Writing Centre.

Age, skill level, personality, program type, new writer or veteran essayist, it doesn’t make a difference. We’re here for everybody, so stop by and book your appointment!

It is, after all, our job. And we like doing it.