Stick ‘Em Up

Sticker tag: the time of year when paranoid people hide for their lives and try to avoid an extreme anxiety attack while simultaneously attempting to live a normal life as a university student.  It is a time of disloyalty between once-friends, when people lock themselves in their dorms, suspicious of everyone that comes to knock while others wait outside their target’s classroom for hours waiting for the opportune time to pounce. The academic building becomes a prison, facebook profiles become identical, and paths to dorms become ambush sites. We are hindered from our normal activities, bent on deceiving others to get what we want. Are we trying to recreate those paintball episodes of Community where a school-wide war breaks out? Why don’t we just have a campus-wide food fight instead? The pain would be over a lot sooner.

            Perhaps I am just bitter over my sticker-tag experiences from last semester. After successfully participating for 2 whole days, the stress got to me when an unnamed person with malicious intent swindled his way into my dorm through an elaborate scheme to tag an unsuspecting victim in our once-peaceful living room. But nothing new here; that’s just playing the game. I came out of that week discouraged and defeated—thoroughly stickered out.

            For those of you who will be playing this semester, I bid you all fun and enjoyment. It’s good that there are so many participants willing to play. We need more students involved in school events. However, in addition to sticker tag, maybe you should look into clubs and activities that promote rather than discourage meeting new people.

            Don’t we all just want to feel loved? No? Just me? I’ll keep quiet then and endure another week of misery.