Student Senate Elections: Who Should Represent our Student Body?

Johanna Benjamins | Student Senate

As a heads-up to all new students, and a reminder to returning students, this February marks the beginning of the annual election and appointment process for Redeemer’s Student Senate, our acting student body representatives.

Back in September, I was just getting used to the vibrant lifestyle that makes up campus life here at Redeemer, as I assume many other first-years were doing as well. Memories come to mind of staying up way too late watching the first late-night soccer games, dressing up for school dances, and, of course, meeting tons of new people. When I joined Student Senate back in October, it became very clear that the many aspects of campus life I was beginning to love were being brought to me by hard-working and dedicated students that strive to make Redeemer a place everyone can enjoy. I was glad to have a part in that by helping events like CITB, Winter Semi-Formal, and Coffeehouse happen, as well as clubs ranging all the way from Rugby to Knitters Anonymous. To be honest, I had never realized how much Student Senate did.

Student Senate's tasks, like managing events, keeping the student body informed, and distributing funds, can be daunting, especially in the context of the recent budget cuts that have affected our school — Student Senate being no exception. Despite these setbacks, campus events and clubs have continued to run as usual, which is due in part to the incredible effort put in by dedicated Senators. Our campus really would not be the same without them.

With February fast approaching, Student Senate encourages you, the student population, to strive for the campus you want. Be sure to come by the Senate office to cast your vote when elections start in the coming weeks. Or, if you feel you would be well suited for one of a variety of positions on Senate, feel encouraged to run (look for more information in your emails and the Timeout). In the meantime, stay tuned for the new Rec Center furniture already on its way, as well as hot tub rentals in time for midterms, and don’t hesitate to come by our office for any more information.