A Day in the Life of a Turkey

David Feddema

The sun rises and shines in through the vented walls. I awake with the rest of my flock to the sound of fans pushing a cool breeze over us. I’m tired, I think I’ll eat. I wander over to the feed pan and converse with Tom over breakfast. “Gobble, Gobble.” He talks too much.

 After breakfast I have the rest of the morning to kill. My favourite pastime is walking around the barn. I go for my stroll with my bros; we strut and admire all the chicks. We’re a pretty big deal. We do this pretty well all day, stopping for lunch and afternoon feed. After my walk I go to the water dripper to have a quick swig and chat. I talk to Jenny for a bit. “Gobble, Gobble.” She’s cute. She looks a lot like other Jenny; I wonder if they’re related.

In the evenings I settle down in my favourite spot next to the wooden beam. Sometimes I talk to the others around me before bed, sometimes I don’t. Depends on how hard I strut that day.

 I think I’m a pretty free spirit. I like to jump around and flap my wings sometimes. It’s pretty sweet. I have my own spot on the straw, and I can take a poop wherever I want, whenever I want. I’m living the good life.