Alas, Refresh, I Bid thee Farewell

Beth Moffett

My time as cashier extraordinaire is coming to an end. I have worked at Refresh for three years now, and it has been stupendous. I have had some of the greatest bosses, coworkers and customers one could ever hope for. My time at Refresh has truly been one of the greatest highlights of my life at Redeemer. 

Have no fear, those of you who are remaining at Redeemer; the cash register is in good hands! Someone else will cash out Professor Brown’s sandwich and chocolate milk. Anthony will still have his card swiped pretty much every day at lunchtime. The fridge will still be stocked to perfection. The salt and pepper will be filled. Someone else will not sell Tony Wiersma his Coca-Cola.  Noah VanBrenk will get his receipts printed.  Someone new will be able to tell what you have ordered without actually seeing it. Jake Tigchelaar will still get a look for changing the radio to country. The chips will be beautiful. Your cards will be swiped on the first, at most second, time. You are in good hands, students of Redeemer! 

Before I leave, I must share the woes that have plagued me for so many years in order to help out the cashiers of the future: 

  1. Refresh does not and has never accepted debit. End of story. 
  2. People complain all the time about how expensive Refresh is. Guys, go to another college or university and your eyes will pop out of your head.  I attended another post-secondary institution and was so excited when I saw how cheap our food was in comparison. This is the good life, so stop complaining! 
  3. If you do want to complain, fill out one of those suggestion cards. My job is to push buttons, not change food items, change prices or install electrical outlets.  Write it down for someone who actually has power to make the change or go talk to him or her yourselves. 
  4. Crackers are not complimentary. Bacon Bits aren’t either. And you can’t have the pizza left over at the end of the day. 
  5. Why do you guys take the third pop from the front? What’s wrong with the first two? Is it a coldness thing? Or a never-taking-from-the-front thing? Or what? I seriously want you to come tell me because it’s been bugging me for three years now.  

Refresh is a place of food, laughter, and (from time to time) dancing. It has been a joy working here and getting to know so many of the students, staff, and faculty from behind my little counter. I am going to miss that spot quite a bit when I leave it for the final time in April. It has been an absolute pleasure serving the people who are not only my customers, but also my friends. Farewell, long live the Jaminator, and have a refreshing day!