Student Government's Place

What's The Use of Senate?

James Constable | Senate Club's Coordinator 2014-2015

Redeemer is an active community where members support one another and seek to build each other towards being Christ-like. Of course, there are needs of the student body that can only be addressed when brought to the knowledge of the school, and there needs to be an advocate that can promote these concerns — this takes the form of student government, which at Redeemer is Student Senate.

People have often asked why student government is needed at all. Can’t concerns brought by the student body be handled by Student Life or the administration? Student Life and the administration are extremely capable and essential to our school, but they do not currently have the experience of attending Redeemer. Members of Student Senate, however, do and are therefore more in tune with the current needs of students, as they are also experiencing the challenges and joys of attending Redeemer.

Part of what makes attending Redeemer such a wonderful experience includes all of the events held on campus, of which Banquet, CITB, Coffeehouse, and Thursday Soccer League are just a few examples. What all these events and clubs have in common is that they are funded through Student Senate; Banquet could not have taken place without the work of the Activities Committee which, ably led by Jessica Mostert, was responsible for planning the details of the evening.  

The activities that Student Senate runs also build community around Redeemer; CITB is a large service within the Greater Hamilton Area which sees many people from across the region come to Redeemer to worship God together. On a more local level, Coffeehouse provides an opportunity for students to share their gifts in music, comedy, poetry, etc. in a manner that brings the Redeemer community closer together. Coffeehouse takes place in the Rec Centre, which also is operated by Student Senate – including the renovation of two years ago.  Hot Spot, a monthly worship service organized by SASC (Spiritual Activities and Services Committee) also takes place in the Rec Centre.  Coffeehouse and Hot Spot are not the only Senate-funded event that takes place on Thursday evenings; the intramural soccer league which takes place at the sports dome is also funded by Student Senate and is a wonderful opportunity for students across years and skill levels to interact, as either fans or athletes. 

An important part of community at Redeemer is making sure that there are proper communications between staff and students, and it is one of the responsibilities of Student Senate to bring the concerns of students to the administration. Through this, Student Senate has helped to advocate for the 30% Off Tuition Grant through meetings with local MPP Ted McMeekin as well as working to extend the 44 bus route in order to bring more adequate transportation to Redeemer students. 

 The Redeemer student body deserves an advocate that will promote their initiatives as well as meet their concerns, which is why student government in the form of Student Senate exists. We are always seeking to better represent the people whom we serve.