Humans of Redeemer

Elise Arsenault | Reporter 

In 2010, a man by the name of Brandon Stanton began a photographic project in New York City that would grow to become a #1 New York Times bestseller and photoblog boasting over 15 million followers worldwide.

Initially, Stanton set out to create what he calls “an exhaustive catalogue of New York City’s inhabitants,” comprised of 10,000 photos plotted across a city map. The concept took on a different form, however, as he began collecting pieces of conversation had with those he photographed. Photo captions would soon become as vital as the shots themselves, and, together, make for a captivating stream of stories he entitles, “Humans of New York.”

This year, the Crown seeks to mimic Stanton’s idea on campus by asking thoughtful questions and taking candid photos of students, staff and faculty included in each issue.

 We know that stories are powerful, so the goal here is to further uncover our own. Scripture tells us to rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn, share the word of our testimony and give glory to God in every season. This column is simply another means to do so, and remind ourselves that our King, Jesus, is the ultimate author and finisher of our faith.

"Choose someone you know at Redeemer. What do you appreciate about them?"

Lauren Vandenberg. I love that she puts others before herself. She shows God’s love wherever she goes and is a great listener, especially for friends who are going through a hard time. She has a heart of gold.

Tony Ramuscak is such a great friend.I look forward to my daily hugs from him, knowing he’ll always make me laugh!


Kim Lammers — our Registrar and a friend of mine. She is doing a fantastic job with very limited resources, and trying very hard to find the best plan for every student. She has a phenomenal memory and knows practically every student here, while maintaining a good relationship with faculty. I think people don’t realize how amazing she is at her job. She’s devoted to Redeemer, and has a fun personality. We sometimes go out to dinner and movies together.


Erica Doors is my H.A., and an amazing listener. She’s always there for you no matter what.


Someone I love at Redeemer is Leah Collett.  All I can think when I see her is ‘gift’. I love how her eyes light up when she talks about God's love, and her seeking and trusting heart. I love how we jump over the cliff of uncertainty together and fall into God's grace. I'm thankful for her in my life, and how God has used her in it.


Somebody I really admire is Chris Teeuwsen. He is an incredibly gifted musician and so passionate about his job.


Natasha Van Gurp has such a passion for keeping the fire for God alive on this campus, which is a goal of mine. She loves the community at Redeemer, like we all should! I've heard from people of different ages that she’s an awesome person and RA— and I’ll strive to have those relationships next year when I become an RA. She’s always down to spontaneously hop onto your intramural soccer team. So yeah, Natasha's cool I guess.


Elizabeth Lipsy is incredible, and so compassionate. She has a beautiful smile, and the best laugh. Oh! And I love her American accent — she says ‘out’ in the funniest way. Make sure you put that in there!