Top 5 Oscar Nom-Noms: The Crown's Nominations for Top Snacks For Oscar Night

Crown Staff


With the 2015 Academy Awards quickly approaching in less than a month, we thought we would give you a little help in the snack department for your festive Oscar parties. We’ve put together for you a list of the Top 5 (pun-induced) snacks to enjoy whilst you and your loved ones indulge in the festivities.

Meryl Streepard Pie

Indulge in a bed of marinated roast beef topped with creamy mashed potatoes and oven-roasted vegetables to serve up to your hungry guests for dinner before 7 o’clock strikes. No need to search far and wide — Into the Woods and out – to find a better dinner dish. Your guests will be shouting, “Mamma Mia!”

Mark Ruffalo Wings

If conversation dies and you need to spice it back up before dinner, try these flaming hot wings brushed with chipotle and honey ‘Ruffalo’ sauce. These wings will suit the taste buds of anyone in your friend group — from the firefighters and hunters to the Foxcatcher, these wings will surely not go forgotten. They’re Just Like Heaven.

American Snapper with Garnish from the Grand Lemon Zest Hotel

If you’re a fan of fish with a zing, this is a scrumptious first course for your higher-class guests. With a tangy lemon marinade, this dynamic pair will be up for grabs for the Best Picture by your guests.

Reese With-Her-Spoon Sundae

Friends will go Wild for this dessert, perfect for a half-time break. With decadent Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in, you’ll have to ask your guests to Walk the Line to see if they’re sober from their sugar high. Your friends will be asking for milk like Water for Elephants with all the decadence they’ll experience. Your spoon will ‘Bend and Snap’ from the high Reese’s pieces concentration. 

Eggs Benedict with No Imitation Bacon

With fresh eggs laid by hens that graze in the Cucumber path, we’ve Sure-Locked down this flavour with Wats-on this dish. You’ll want some More-of-yer-tea due to spice overload. It’s one of a kind! This ain’t no Imitation Game. Surely, this fan favourite has a Smaug-asburg of flavour.