When Midterm Madness Gets Real

Johanna Benjamins | Student Senate

I don’t know about you, but October seems like the month when reality and the weight of school assignments hits students with its fullest magnitude. October is the friendly reminder that you now only have half the semester to pull that grade you want, the realization that balancing your part time job with school work may be more difficult than originally expected, and the epiphany that perhaps you shouldn’t have joined two clubs, a sports team, and a non-profit, regardless of how important they are.

I’m also sure that the best of us could be found, at some point during Midterms, daydreaming about binge-watching Netflix, catching up on our favorite YouTube channel or whatever (insert random nerdy past time here), and okay, lets be honest, who didn’t drop everything to watch the Jays Game last week? Don’t even bother lying. We see you.

Jokes aside, finding the balance between school, work, friends, faith, family, and service to the community can be a task. How do we do it? While pondering this question, I was reminded of the very first Chapel of the school year on Chronos and Kairos. Chronos is the definition of time referring to the structured increments of seconds, minutes, and hours while Kairos is the definition of time referring to opportune, or appointed moments or seasons, in other words, valuable or memorable moments.


“Excuse me while I max out my student card on Smart Pop, ice cream and Nutella.” 


Most students can agree that their lives are focused primarily on Chronos time, but even during midterms we need to let ourselves experience Kairos as well. So don’t be afraid to take a break. Don’t miss out on the moments like watching your friends perform at coffee house, or your brother bobbing for apples at Harvest Hoedown! Visit a forest before fall is over, and more importantly, don’t deny yourself the time you would spend with God because of business.

The key to balance is different for everyone, and it isn’t simple. When schooling starts to infringe on other aspects of our lives, remember that if friends and family love you, they will forgive you for the hours you spend in the library studying. Also, it doesn’t hurt to ask for some time off work to free up your schedule. In most cases, bosses have been there and understand. Time for rest is just as important as making time for other things. God uses those times to speak into our lives, and ultimately that’s what gives all of your commitments purpose.