Students Serving Students

Student Senate 

Hey guys, Student Senate here. We have something really important to tell you that we’re not sure you all know… We really care about you. Seriously, we really care. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you test it? Come into the Student Senate office and talk with us! Or, if you’re too busy with schoolwork right now to pop by, you can just keep reading to get a good snippet of how we can serve you.

First, when students come to us with concerns, we are always more than eager to help resolve them or explain what is going on. From concerns as large as government funding to concerns about what is going to happen to our resident peahens when winter comes, we discuss it all and work hard to receive answers and make positive change for you.

What we’re saying is this: nothing is too big or too small. If you have a concern, we want to hear it because we are here for you, the student body. You need to know that your concerns are taken very seriously by us, and that we are respected and heard by the administration here at Redeemer. We are your bridge to bringing about the change that you would like to see.

On that note, we also love it when students come in and share their visions and dreams with us. We’ve had many students come to us with visions of a new student club, and we’ve helped them make that a reality.  You said you wanted a new ping pong table, and we listened! It has already been enjoyed by many of you. We continue to host events like Coffeehouse, Harvest Hoedown, and the upcoming Winter Semi-Formal Dance — Dec. 5! 8 PM! Rec Centre! — because many of you enjoy them. We work hard to ensure that your time at Redeemer is amazing. But we can’t do it properly without your help.

 What’s next?? You tell us! Do you have any ideas for a school-wide event? Talk to our Activities Chair, Jess. Perhaps you have ideas about hosting a new spiritual event? Talk to our Spiritual Activities and Services Chair, Jon.  Do you want to start a new club? Talk to Kyle, our Clubs Coordinator. Do you have concerns you’d like to bring up with Redeemer administration? Talk to our VP of Student Affairs, James. Are you a mature, international, commuter, and/or off-campus student and have questions, concerns, or ideas? Talk to our MICOS representative, Chantal.

Talk to our VP of Finance, Alex if you have questions about club budgets or Student Senate finances. Maybe you want to get the word out about a club event you’re having; well, just talk to our VP of Communication, Johanna. Don’t forget to meet our First-Year Senators, Aren, Elaine, and Wisdom. Or chat with our Student Senate President, Ryan! We are regular students that are here to serve you. So pop by the Student Senate office (beside the bookstore) and talk to us!