The Night Before Exams

Alanna Van Ommen


T’was the night before exam week, when all through the school

Not a student is stirring, except me. Not cool.

The pencils are sharpened and laid out with care

In hopes that the week’s exams will all be fair.


The students are exhausted, passed out on their beds

While nightmares of failing pass through their heads.

My room-mate in a panic, and I freaking out

Not knowing what in the world our tests are about.


When out in the yard there comes such a clatter,

I rise from my desk to see what is the matter.

To the window I lope, like in The Walking Dead,

Was what I just heard all in my head?


The moon shining bright on the new-fallen snow,

I scan the parking lot for what is below.

When, what to my tired eyes should appear

But a student screaming out, wide-eyed with fear.


“I ran out of coffee,” comes the anguished cry.

I gasp out in horror, with a tear in my eye,

“No caffeine?” I utter in despair.

Truly, this is a student’s worst nightmare.


Back to my desk I drag my weary bones,

Attempting to learn about the body’s hormones.

I stare at the ceiling, and then at the wall,

Memorizing the contents of my messy scrawl.

I look beside me, flash cards strewn around.

The only thing I can think of is going to lay down.

Yet I study with dedication and courage for biology,

Hoping the results will be only a minor atrocity.


I’ve procrastinated, crammed, and pushed my way through,

But with what’s on this exam, I think I’ll fake the flu.

I’ve had two cups of coffee, three cups, four,

I don’t even know the date anymore.


My stomach growls, I’m exhausted and hungry,

I’m fed up with this crap, to put it bluntly.

I’ve had too much junk food, the thought of KD? Repulsing.

Now’s not the time for more William’s-indulging.


I look in the mirror, bags under my eyes.

To stay up any later would just be unwise.

A glance at the time — it’s two o’clock already?

Time to head to my bed, ‘cause I’m a little unsteady.


Minutes pass, and I lay there for a while

Remembering the to-do list I have yet to compile.

After what seems like forever, I finally doze off

Dreaming of what I’ll say to my prof.


In what seems like seconds, my alarm clock sounds.

I breathe in the smell of fresh coffee grounds.

I think for a while, what breakfast should I make?

I’d probably give my left leg for a stack of pancakes.

Dry cereal it is, no thanks to my budget.

It’s all I can afford, so please don’t judge it.

I dream of my mom’s great home-cooked meals,

The Fruit Loops in my bowl just don’t seem ideal.


I look at my phone with a jolt of fear:

The time has flown by and my exam slot is here!

I take a deep breath, feeling calm ‘cause you see,

I know that my Lord will be in there with me.