Seat Filling, Just Chilling

An Account of A Redeemer Student's JUNOS Experience

Nicolle Katz | Crown Staff

Do you want to go to the JUNOS for free? As an avid music lover (and student on a budget) I was more than excited at the prospect of attending Canada’s Grammys on March 15th. So when online applications for volunteers were posted, I applied, and they said yes!

When the day finally arrived, my friend Erin and I got all dolled up (yet again, as Redeemer’s banquet was the night before) and headed to First Ontario Centre.

Here’s a list of the things I wish I knew before leaving my house that day:

  1. You will be standing, A LOT. As seat fillers, we were asked to arrive 4 hours before the show and spent over three and a half hours waiting in line outside the venue, grouped in the depths of the arena, and then in the hallway. Luckily I ditched the heels for some sensible flats, or my feet may have not lived to tell the tale. 
  2. You will be cold. Seat fillers are not permitted to do a lot of things. One of these things is bring a jacket! Thus, we waited outside for a long, cold time, clinging to the warm thoughts of celebrity stardom to get us through it all.
  3. You will be bored. Seat fillers are also “not permitted” to bring cell phones or normal sized purses. Luckily, I snuck some post-it notes into the theatre (in case I needed to jot down my number to any talent scouts or famous musicians) and Erin and I brought back the elementary school classics of tic-tac-toe, Pictionary, and of course, MASH.
  4. You will be hungry. Because seat fillers are also “not permitted” to eat (unflattering on camera, you see), The music awards were also accompanied by the sweet sounds of my stomach growling.
  5. You will sit amongst famous people. For real! From the Weekend to Kiesza to Hedley to Sam Roberts band, I got to soak in all their performances from the very front row of the arena. Best part? The person who bought my ticket never showed up, so I got to sit in the same place for the entire night!

So despite the cold, extreme boredom, hunger, and long hours of standing, seat filling was awesome. And I would recommend it to anyone, anyplace, any time.  

 Erin & I: World Class JUNOS Seat Fillers

Erin & I: World Class JUNOS Seat Fillers