A Word from Senate

Student Senate 

Being part of Student Senate definitely gives a different perspective on Redeemer’s atmosphere and community than can be experienced in first year. Even in the past month, it’s easy to recall countless tiny things that make Redeemer home, and these things seem to get richer coming back to them the second, third or even fourth time. Being a part of the system of students who bring life and depth to Redeemer is what makes Student Senate’s job such a blessing. We get to witness the impromptu jam sessions and ultimate Frisbee games during launch week. We can listen to David and Julien’s theologically-attuned rendition of the three little pigs at our first Coffeehouse. We get to watch the first Thursday night soccer games, or beginning the familiar hymn that led our community into worship at our first Church in the Box.

Student Senate is a group of students all with different talents, but similar goals of promoting an atmosphere of Christ-like service in our school and community. We are a group of 11 elected and appointed students who carry out various tasks for the benefit of the student body. We act as a liaison between the students and the administration by planning activities and events, funding a multitude of student-run initiatives, and by representing Redeemer’s students and their interests outside of the campus. This includes events and initiatives like The Crown (which you are reading now), Church in the Box, Coffee House, school dances, projects such as the Rec Centre renovations and furnishings, and numerous others. The clubs and student-run events that make up Redeemer’s vibrate community, are what make Student Senate’s many tedious meetings and planning all worth it.

We are excited to see the plans God has for our campus this school year and we look forward to the role Student Senate is privileged to play in it. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about Student Senate, or if you simply want to say hello, please feel free to visit our office (located between the bookstore and the library) or attend our weekly meetings held on Tuesdays in Room 210 at 10:00 PM. We love visitors (and we bring food)! You can also email us at senate@redeemer.ca, or visit our Dash Page. Student Senate loves to here people’s ideas and we love feedback.

It is our hope that we may work well for you this year. Further, we hope and pray that you may have a great year intellectually, spiritually, and communally. We also ask that you please pray for us as we go about our duties this year.

In his grace,

Redeemer University College Student Senate