Macy's Call for Help

Hamilton Local Seeks Financial Help

Fern Lodge

Six and a half years ago, 13 year old Hamilton native Rumeysa (Macy) Cosgun went home for lunch.

 While she was eating, a man came to the door. He asked who was home, and Macy told him it was just herself and her aunt. The man was Macy’s uncle who had abused her aunt. He started stabbing Macy. Her aunt came to see what was happening and he stabbed her as well, killing her. Macy ran out of the house to get help.

Macy had been stabbed five times and sustained puncture wounds to her intestines, lung, and stomach. After life-saving surgery, she was left with a large scar across her body that is physically and emotionally painful.

Now, Macy is old enough to have scar revision and reconstructive surgery but it is not being covered. The cost is over $25,000. However, the CICB will give her $10,000 if she can get the rest. Macy is a friend and close community member and if anyone is interested in donating to this cause it would be greatly appreciated by me, Macy, and so many others.

 If you would like to donate you can do so at or email me at for more ways to donate, more information, or if you have any questions.