What's Happening in Hamilton

Hamilton's Farmers' Market

Rebekka Gondosch | Reporter


Location:  35 York Boulevard, Hamilton

Hours of Operation:  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8-6, Saturday 7-5.

 Must-Visit:  Sensational Samosa! Located at the York Street entrance to the market, this vendor’s freshly baked jumbo samosas are great to grab before perusing the premise! 

Operating in Hamilton for over 175 years, the Farmers’ Market is an ideal place to greet the cold winter with heart-warming, local foods. Run by the City of Hamilton, the Market is located indoors, — next to the Hamilton Public Library and Jackson Square — fills two stories with shops, and is open year round.

Vendors include bakeries such as de la terre and British Baked Goods, local produce providers such as Buttrum’s pesticide-free farm, and Vinnie’s Fresh Pasta Factory, which spins out delicious pasta on the spot, ready to cook at home. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee from Relay Coffee or Lina’s Pastries and Coffee, or sip a wine sample from Ridge Road Winery as you stroll through the market.

 Looking for Christmas gifts? The Market is a great place to purchase presents for those on your nice list! From delicious local food and drink to florist shops and artisan vendors, there is something to satisfy all appetites in this 55,000 square foot space!