What's Happening in Hamilton?

Rebekka Gondosch | Reporter

This Month's Local, Must-Visit Location! 

The Hamilton-Wentworth District is alive and abundant with interesting places and spaces to explore. Every city has its hidden gems and this region is no exception. Whether you have just moved to the area or have been a local enthusiast for quite some time, this monthly article will point you in the direction of noteworthy places to visit during your time spent here at Redeemer. Need a new place to study? An inexpensive idea for a day trip? Somewhere to take family and friends when they come to visit? Check out 'What’s Happening in Hamilton?' for some locally inspired ideas.

 Conveniently situated beside a quaint, used bookshop in Hamilton’s International Village, this café is a dream to Redeemer students yearning for the comforts of their Dutch roots. With a Dutch-inspired vision (easily spotted on the café’s “Koffie” board), their menu is filled with traditional delights such as stroopwafels, and modern creations that cater to all patrons. Gluten-free blondies, vegan savory pies, the “Soep van de Dag,” freshly brewed coffee, this café promotes locally-sourced items made with quality and care.

A sip of Oranje’s coffee sets the standard for your future coffee consumption Tim Hortons may never seem quite the same. As a study space, this café has both a dark, cozy area toward the back of the shop with contrasting bright, giant window nooks at the front overlooking the busy streets. And to top it all off? Many of the baristas at Café Oranje have attended or graduated from Redeemer!