Letter from the Editor

Joel Voth | Editor-in-Chief 

The Crown needs students who are passionate and interested in writing and sharing their thoughts and views here at Redeemer University College.  If you have a passion regarding a certain topic — whether it is in your personal life, studies, or in world news — please contact us.

 If you disagree with what has been written in a past article, we challenge and encourage you to write an article addressing the opposing opinion.  We can work with you. If you are apprehensive to write for us, we can guide you and provide constructive criticism. If you’re just not sure what to write but you would like to contribute, you can still contact us and we will guide you to a topic.  Send your thoughts and ideas to us as thecrown@redeemer.ca

In this month’s publication, we cover quite a variety of topics. It’s exam season and everyone is finding a quiet corner to study in, but while you’re there, take a break and check out Ben Bock’s review of the album Helios — perhaps this new music will accompany you while you study.  For those who need a quick break and wish to daydream, take a look at the article discussing Tesla’s new self-driving car — the future is here! Or take a peek at the interview with Dr. Belcher as she discusses her own research as well as providing us with a little bit about.  And for you sports fans, take a look at the article on the Toronto Raptors and what they’ve been doing this season.

 Since Christmas break and the holiday season in almost upon us (and certainly on our minds), take a look at the Local Winter Festivities that are being held on campus or are taking place in downtown Hamilton.  Finally, may God bless you in the following weeks as the semester comes to a close.  Remember to do your best in all you do — and God will do the rest.