A New Focus for an Old Paper

Laura Heming, Editor-in-Chief

September 2014

When the brand new Crown team met back in April, sparks flew

A group of eight, wide-eyed journo-enthusiasts splattering ideas together like neon paints on a canvas.  It felt as if we were the new team of interns for the New York Times with copious amounts of time to recreate the paper as a whole. The plan? A whole new look, with a homey office – lamps, couches and the works – contests and a few journalism conferences here and there. Big dreams for a little team.

 A humid July day this summer, I sat beneath a willow tree by a pond. I quickly dropped my pen from my hands to watch an abnormally large group of geese pecking the ground and following each other dead on — father goose would waddle left or right or across the path, and the group would follow, with no hesitation. Life was pretty simple for them, and by their constant little honks, it was clear they were perfectly content with that.

 Little boys would chase them in circles, while their sisters would honk right back. But the geese were not fazed. They knew what they needed to do. They were there, among all the kids and runners and dreamers like me, yet they knew what they wanted, followed their father goose, and lived a quaint, simple life.

 So, if it’s quite okay with you I would like to forget the clutter and bring us in a simpler direction like my friends the geese.  Although it is a beautiful thing to have a team with a pocketful of ideas, we have quickly learned the definition of simplicity and obedience.

 My very first, and most constant vision for the paper has been rolling around in the back of my mind since the very first day my trembling reporter hand signed the contract as Editor In Chief.  That vision, however much I tried to make it more cutting edge or “with the times”, hasn’t really changed. So, I take that as my Father speaking pretty clearly.

 I want to see a campus of students who choose to engage in culture and respond to it, who choose to exemplify how it is that Christ weaves into everything in life – from the new NHL season to municipal elections and campus debates. I want to connect with other schools in the area, praying for and learning from our friends at McMaster and Mohawk. I want to engage in the viewpoints outside of Christianity to strengthen our knowledge and sharpen our minds.

 I want to leave my final year knowing that we, as a small and steady newspaper, were able to rouse conversation, take our convictions more seriously and realize that Jesus is literally involved in weaving all things together, and evermore for the rest of our lives will be. I grow tired of a lethargic faith in a culture that is drowning in relativism and watered down conviction, and I want to start in a small way to change the direction of things the best way possible from this newspaper platform.

 I want to follow in step with my Father – left, right or across the path – even when everything around me is chasing, distracting or honking back. Let this humble paper, full of the words of honest and bright crimson hearts, be simple to you; let it be a hefty challenge, a writing outlet, a coffee shop conversation, a tough conviction, a bridge between views, or a time of prayer under the shade of a willow tree.