The Veins and the Valves

Laura Heming, Editor-in-Chief

November 2014

This Thursday, I sat in a line of ecstatic high school kids. This was an attempt to get the perfect seat for the premiere of the third part of my favourite movie series. I was not joking around about this premiere. I had thought long and hard about what the perfect time to arrive at the theatre would be in order to get prime seating. I chose the perfect attire for optimal comfort, as well as the perfect array of movie snacks, carefully chosen not to be too crunchy to obstruct my hearing, and not too salty, so I didn’t need to leave the theatre to buy a drink.

I know — crazy. But to be completely fair, this viewing had been a major anticipation of mine for just about a year.

 Mockingjay (if you did not already guess) did by no means disappoint. I will not give away anything for those of you who are planning to see it soon. What I can say is that Katniss had further portrayed herself as the perfect hero. I found myself leaning closer to the screen at every high intensity scene, watching her stone face shake and quiver as she carefully spouted quick and wise words that would fleetingly catch on as the catch phrases of the rebellion, or would become the marching song for the districts as they paraded for freedom.

 This all brought me back to a deeper meandering. The showing up hours early, the contemplation of snacks that would not obstruct hearing, the tears (yes, there were some tears), the close listening to Katniss’s words and the way those words caught on fire by the people around her. It brought me to think that this careful and excitable anticipation should be the way we approach the one who speaks holy truth – with great eagerness, carefulness, and deep emotion.

 Looking over our writing repertoire for November’s edition, it reminds me of our initial goal of integrating faith and culture. The goal was to allow students, as well as ourselves, to see how Jesus literally is a vein in every valve of life — bringing life and meaning to every single thing we do.

 The way I approached the viewing of my favourite movie is the way I desire to approach serving and living for my true king. It is the way we as a team initially desired the student body to see Jesus. That is, to get excited about the fact that He is in everything and, ultimately, to ignite a fire to serve and heed His words in great anticipation for His coming.

 As we approach Christmas, let us take the same approach to His throne. Through realizing His involvement in each part of culture, let us glorify how great of a God we serve, and let that awareness kindle an eagerness to keep listening, waiting for and repeating His words with great excitement and anticipation.  Let His song be our daily song as we march toward our forever home of Heaven.