Letter from the Editor

Joel Voth | Editor-in-Chief

After weeks of talking and planning, my friends and I jumped on a plane and flew across the country to beautiful British Columbia.  We met a mutual friend and started our long drive in his ‘adventure-mobile’ back through Canada and parts of the United States with the goal of getting back to school in time for classes.  Living out of a van for two and a half weeks helped us bond together, reinforcing our friendship. A feeling of community and brotherhood grew as the miles raced behind us.

 Over the following months of this academic year, you will realize just how much impact ‘community’ has at Redeemer University College, and if you’re a returning student you will undoubtedly already understand how important it is. Whether it is in a dorm, friendships made in class, or a relationship built with a professor or academic advisor, I look forward to seeing a campus of staff and students who are engaging together to form these friendships.  Similarly, I would like to see a student newspaper which engages in a variety of topics: responding to world events, addressing problems, and celebrating achievements, all in a responsible and respectful way.

My name is Joel Voth and I will be your Editor in Chief for the student-written Crown this academic year.  I am in my third year of study and I am a business student in the field of marketing.  I am very passionate to lead and coordinate the Crown as the next two semesters unfold and I am excited to say that new things will be introduced to the Crown this year, which we can all look forward to.  We will be looking for students and staff who have a love for writing and reading, and who wish to both entertain and challenge us as students and Christ-followers here at Redeemer. I warmly welcome you all.