A Trip Down the Hall

The past few weeks have been kind of hectic. I quit my job, got a new one, terminated my lease, signed another one, rethought my plans for next year, rethought my plans for life, and spent the weekend in the emergency room while my mom had surgery.

And I almost missed my bus on presentation day.

And it was cold. Where—I rather poetically wondered—was the sun?

As I was walking into school with my sisters one day, I saw Katelyn. Tall, with dark, curly hair and a perpetual smile, she said hello in that wispy, other-worldly voice of hers, teasing my sisters and I for looking so cute walking side-by-side. Katelyn and I used to work out in the gym last semester. She taught me how to use the equipment and we mutually encouraged each other to keep going (well, in truth, she was always encouraging me.)

Moving down the hall, we came across Bethany, an unpredictable mixture of child-like enthusiasm and open-hearted friendliness. Today Bethany was holding a giant, see-through umbrella with numerous strands of light blue streamers hanging over the edges. She was, in her estimation—and I quite agreed—a jelly fish, and I thought she ought to win some kind of campus award for her costume.

Then there’s Naomi. Short, friendly, and easy-going, Naomi says things are “grand” when the rest of us would simply call them “great.” I think that’s grand.

Later, I run into Sheri (who wants to know if I’ll join her in the mature student lounge because nobody else is there and it’s actually quiet!), Liz (who wants to know how my day is and if my little sister is planning on going to the gym later, because if so, then she’ll join her for a run), and Jean-Pierre (who I never really talk to, but he looks exactly like an authentic French waiter, and has a way of being in everybody’s classes).

Jasmine’s a little further down; we compare notes about the latest history book we have to read (the first part’s a little dull, but it picks up after the guy gets poisoned).

On Wednesdays I’m sure to run into Alisha, the world’s sweetest cafeteria worker and unofficial councillor who always helps me and my sister find gluten-free options during communal meals.

And then there’s Rachel from my British Lit class last semester, who has really stylish bangs and always smiles at me, and the bookstore ladies whose names I will never know but they write the cutest advertisements for their week-long sales!, and the IT guy who makes every computer upgrade sound like Armageddon. (I’ve never seen the IT guy personally, but I am assured that he exists. Sources place his location somewhere deep within the library’s interior.)

Jamin’s behind the counter at Refresh, which is good because I hear a really well-made Jamin sandwich (he has his own sandwich!) is hard to come by. I hope I have my own sandwich one day..........

Dr. Bowen passes me in the hall, smiling. How clever of Redeemer to procure an authentically British person to teach authentic British literature! Having thoroughly enjoyed her class last semester (The British Novel), I personally approve of this.

Others pass me in the hall and I feel sure I’ve seen most of them before.  I know some of their names, but sometimes I just know their faces. Regardless, today I realize I’m a part of something—a stream of people flowing in and out of classrooms, down the halls, in and out of doors, and around the campus.

The past few weeks have been a little stressful. But today I’m feeling different, and I think—rather poetically—that the sun’s beginning to come out.