Top 10 Ways You Know Spring is Actually Coming

After a seemingly eternal winter, we are all resting with the hope that spring might actually show its colours in the coming weeks. We are already in the middle of March! It’s time for the snow to go and spring to, well, get here ASAP! Here are some ways you know for sure that spring is coming and that winter will actually end...


10. You start to see shorts come back in style on the racks at the mall.


Now, it’s true that shorts and t-shirts start to sprout up in the stores basically immediately after Christmas but there is no doubt that these trends are in full bloom as you wander through the mall. Even just picking up something that reminds you of warm weather can help you actually believe that the snow will go someday.


9. Your syllabus tells you that exams are almost here.


For students, exams bring with them the promise of a break and warmth. Those awful tests are coming up quick! Hopefully the sun will begin to warm us up so that we can actually sit out on our porches to get some study time in.


8. Redeemer students put the jackets away.


Although this may simply be in protest, as you walk to school each day you can see many students without coats headed to the school. Coats are being put away and the pure defiance of short sleeves is coming out. If you are still bundled up on the way to school, take heart, these brave few are a reminder that spring really is around the corner.


7. You are looking for a summer job.


Although this hunt is really not fun in itself, the simple title “summer job” brings with it the sound of warm weather. This job is going to start in the spring and take you into the heat of July and August. Having a tough time finding a job? Check out all of the resources Redeemer has on their websites for available positions!


6. Snow fall is starting to turn into rainfall.


Bring out the rubber boots; with spring comes rain! With all of the snow beginning to melt around campus, there is a huge influx of puddles everywhere. Pull out the proper footwear and take a leap into puddle jumping. Make sure you grab your spring coat and umbrella since these showers are promising to bring flowers!


5. Easter decorations are everywhere.


Although we have a bit of a late Easter this year, there is no shortage of pastel colours, bunnies, and mini eggs in the stores. For Redeemer students (and Christians everywhere) Easter brings with it the promise of redemption and new life. As you look forward to Easter in this season of lent, take notice of all of the changes and promises of new life around you.


4. Your nose and eyes are unbelievably itchy (and they won’t stop running!)


That’s right, spring equals allergy season! For some who really struggle with allergies, this is the first definite sign that spring is around the corner. From the itchy, watery eyes to the runny nose, you know the true times of spring with the signs that occur in your sinuses. Go ahead and get yourself some Claritin so you can enjoy the nice weather with the rest of us.


3. The weatherman actually has good news.


You may have noticed if you ever catch the weather report that even those reporting it looked depressed when they announced more snow. Lately, with the promise of rising temperatures, these news announcers seem much happier and more hopeful. We may even hit three degrees this week! Woohoo!


2. People come out of hibernation.


Notice more people out for jogs lately? More people posting on healthy food options they are choosing? More people in the gym? That’s right, it’s time to lose the comfort food (and the extra 10 pounds) and get ready for summer. With the weather warming up, people are beginning to get antsy, and with this there seems to be more activity across campus and in the neighbourhood. Go ahead, take a walk, barbeque a burger, and sit out on your porch with your friends. Time to get out of your room (and your sweats) and enjoy the last few weeks of this school year.


1. The birds are chirping and the sun is shining.


The clocks “springing ahead” are more than helpful in knowing spring is on its way. Being able to keep the blinds pulled open until almost 8pm is so refreshing! Along with the extra sunshine it seems like the birds have made it back from down south. There is a lot of chirping going on in the early mornings. All of this is a sure sign that, despite the white stuff that still sits on the ground, spring is actually on its way!