Feature Creatures of Redeemer - Sookie & Oscar

Rebekka Gondosch | Reporter

This month’s feature creatures are reporter Rebekka Gondosch’s two companion species: Sookie and Oscar. Sookie is a flame point Himalayan rescue cat from Stratford’s SPCA and Oscar is a Shaded Silver Persian rescue cat from Toronto’s Annex Cat Rescue. These two stunning species were interviewed about being selected for The Crown’s first ever “Pet of the Month”.

 What was your reaction to receiving this distinguished recognition?

Sookie: It is hardly my first award and certainly won’t be my last.

Oscar: I have nothing to declare except my genius.

How do you enjoy spending your leisure time?

Sookie: Between ordering my human around and flaunting my snaggle tooth, I have little time for leisure. Although lately I have taken to parkouring across my human’s new apartment.

Oscar: I am partial to the literary classics. I use them as a comfortable cushions to sleep on.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Sookie: Commanding the human race.

Oscar: Continuing to pray that my sister cat does not eat me in my sleep. And becoming a shark. A very fluffy shark.

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