Feature Creatures of Redeemer - Kenya

Rebekka Gondosch | Reporter

This month features Kenya, canine companion to Chris Ruiter! Kenya expresses her feelings about interactions with humans, the winter season, and what treats make her crazy!


Q: How do you like to greet humans when you first meet them?

 Kenya: When I first meet humans I usually like to check them out like I check out other dogs, and that obviously involves sniffing certain places.  I'm not sure why, but my owner always seems to get embarrassed when I do that and tries to pull me away!

Q: Winter is coming! Do you have any favourite activities planned for the winter season?

Kenya: Oh yes, I love winter.  My family always has lots of fires outside and I love to hang out with them around the fire pit. Of course I don't get to play in a lot of snow, because I live in BC. Also, in the winter my owner comes home from school and I'll do anything with him while he's home! I'm pretty much down for anything.

Q: What’s a treat you go crazy for? 

Kenya: I love popcorn.  I'm not too picky and I’ll take what I can get, but I think I've been putting on a few extra pounds. Obviously I'm just getting ready for winter… right?

Q: Is there anything you do that your human just doesn't seem to understand? 

Kenya: Whenever my owner is going to take me somewhere in his car, I jump into the driver seat. How is it fair he gets to drive all the time? He doesn't understand and hasn't given me a chance to drive. He's missing out.