Feature Creatures of Redeemer - Budsy

Rebekka Gondosch | Reporter 

Don’t let the spikes fool you! Budsy is a cuddly creature and delighted to be this month’s Pet of the Month! Budsy is companion species to Emily Lorimer and had a few words to share about himself for our February issue.

Are there are misconceptions/myths about hedgehogs that you would like to debunk for our readers?

Many people believe that hedgehogs are vicious and harmful creatures. But if you spend time to get to know them, they are very friendly and loveable! Hedgehogs are only prickly when they roll up into a ball; when they’re relaxed, you can stroke their quills without poking yourself.

How old are you, and what pearls of wisdom have you acquired over the years?

I’m two and a half years old! If there's one thing I’ve learned, it’s to be careful when coming close to edges! Countertops will end suddenly if you don’t watch out, and humans aren’t always reliable when holding you. The rush from falling isn’t always worth it!

What is one thing you do that makes humans laugh?

I snort to say hello and crawl into their pockets to keep warm!

If you were to write a memoir, what would be the title?

Definitely "My Life in a Ball".