Why is Trump so Popular?

Michael Emmanuel | Student of Redeemer

The Silent Majority Is Back

I know it’s hard for many Canadians to understand, given our dominant Marxist-progressivist political milieu — both on Canada’s imaginary 'right' and insufferable 'left' but Donald Trump is popular in America for very good and relatable reasons. No doubt it’s the fashion up North to join in on the litany of slander being spread by America’s elitist political establishment and the mainstream media and to label Trump and his supporters racists, misogynists, ignoramuses, or buffoons, but it’s simply not the case.

But let’s pretend Trump is simply popular as an entertainer, and not because anyone takes him seriously. Canadians still have little right to point fingers. We have our own pop-sensation turned politician, and he’s already got the position of party-leader. Donald Trump has a multi-million dollar real estate empire to support his claim to be a competent leader; Justin Trudeau was a high school drama teacher. Which populace is really the joke? Never mind that Trudeau enforces his whole party to accept abortion, Donald Trump wants to get rid of illegal immigrants. Really, who’s the real threat to liberty? Moreover, besides a few serious conservatives I know, nobody was dismissing Obama, a liberation theology radical, as an entertainer, even though he was nearly as inexperienced as Trudeau. But of course, Obama and Trudeau say things that our politically correct minds can stomach.

Nonetheless there are many good reasons why Republicans love the Donald.

First, Donald Trump is waging the war against principled conservatism's biggest enemies: the establishment of the Republican Party, and the so-called conservative media (i.e. Fox News). And Trump is winning. The reason the Republican Party and news outlets like Fox News are conservatism’s biggest enemies is because, unlike America’s left who are supposed to oppose conservatism the establishment elitist right pretends to be conservative, and then stabs its own base in the back.

Since Ronald Reagan in 1908, Republican presidents and candidates have nearly all been Democrats in disguise. They have not honestly supported free trade. They have attacked civil liberties, such as in Bush’s Patriot Act. They have continued deficit spending and expanding America’s debt. And they have done little about social issues like homosexuality or abortion. But conservative Americans were bullied into voting for a fourth-rate conservative first rate liberal because they were fed the same lie conservatives in Canada are being fed by our “Conservative” party: if you don’t vote for our middle ground candidate, we’ll lose the election to the liberals.

In short, establishment Republicans were losers literally. They believed conservatism couldn’t win, and so they didn’t even bother to put up a fight. They back-peddled on the issues, apologized to offended progressivist media bullies, and allowed conservatism to become a joke. Hence the goonish candidacies of John McCain and Mitt Romney, who both allowed Obama to walk all over them and the base they claimed to represent.

Meanwhile, the supposed bastions of conservatism (Fox News and other conservative outlets), instead of demanding more from the Republican candidates, criticized the grassroots conservative movements like the Tea Party. 

Instead of leading the charge against progressivism, they tried silencing the 'radicals' and the 'racists' and the 'ignorant hicks.' The conservative media attacked its own base, because they wanted to impress their leftist buddies. They wanted to prove they were good journalists, that they were 'fair and balanced.'

Trump has come in and exposed all of this. Now, let’s be clear, no one is convinced that Trump is the ideal conservative candidate. He is not a true conservative either. However, Trump is not a loser. He intends to win, and he intends to win his way, believing he can mobilize the support to do so. Trump truly believes in “America’s silent majority,” the vast majority of conservative-minded Americans who have been shut down and ignored by the establishment and the media. Moreover, Trump actually intends to do the things he promises to do, because he actually can. Unlike other politicians, like Jeb Bush (the establishment favorite), Trump isn’t owned by lobbyists or special interest groups. Thus, when Trump believes something ought to be done, there’s no special interest group who can stop Him. Trump, then, can honestly be voted in to do the things he says he will do.

Some of those things are extremely attractive to concerned conservative Americans. Things including: cutting federal spending and ending the debt, looking after America’s veterans, ending the disastrous nuclear arms deal with Iran, simplifying the tax code, repealing Obamacare, dealing with ISIS and the global persecution of Christians, and of course, protecting the border. (Does anyone really believe a wall will be built by the Mexican government? Probably not. The point is, Trump is actually taking border security concerns seriously, unlike other candidates who are too afraid of the damage to their PR.)

Meanwhile, Trump is giving the media, especially the “conservative” media, a taste of its own medicine. For years, journalists and political pundits bullied principled conservatives into silence; Trump is now bullying them into silence. Trump doesn’t give the sensationalist, emotionalist, moralizing media the time of day. He doesn’t allow them to cause him to stutter. He has no regard for “political correctness,” the progressivist synonym for thoughtcrime. When Trump holds an interview, he frames the terms of the debate. He doesn’t back down from his position, back-peddle, or apologize for hurt feelings, but rather he asserts it as he sees it. He calls the media what they are: liars.

In short, the conservative base in America sees in Trump a man who believes what he says, who will uncompromisingly fight for what he says, and who will put his beliefs into action. Trump really means to make America great again.

At the end of the day, Trump is not a totally new political phenomenon. The left has had their celebrity-politicians; Obama has been in office for 8 years, and Canada could possibly be voting in our second Trudeau. What makes Trump so distasteful to many is not actually that he’s ridiculous, since clearly ridiculous candidates have been very successful in the past. What makes Trump so distasteful is the fact that his 'ridiculousness' is at odds with the way our secularized, liberalized, progressivized minds think. Obama blames Christians for doing evil in the name of Christ at the national prayer meeting, and no one bats an eye. Trudeau says the budget will balance itself, and still his candidacy is taken seriously. Trump says illegals are a danger to American society and he’s labeled a racist: a bit of a discrepancy.

But the silent majority no longer cares what the media thinks. That’s why they like Trump; Trump doesn’t care what they think either.