Searching For God

Letting the Creator Sense our Presence

Justin Eisinga | Reporter

Pushing through a season of spiritual dryness and awakening one’s heart to the presence of our relational God is akin to the feeling one gets when he or she is searching for something important that went missing months ago. 

At first, one looks in a determined frenzy with a hope that the item will be in the next spot. Eventually, the hope of finding the treasured belonging wanes, and the search begins to slow. You give up, but every couple days and every few weeks the search begins again, with no reward. 

One day, the item miraculously appears, and joy is returned to life; flowers begin to bloom and everything smells delightful and everyone looks beautiful.

Pushing through a season of spiritual dryness and awakening one’s heart to the presence of a relational God is akin to this feeling. At first, one tries desperately to feel God’s presence somehow and somewhere, but frustration sets in when that comforting feeling is nowhere to be found.  

After a couple days and a few weeks and several months, the search for “God” grows tiring and disheartening. Only one revelation awakens the heart to the presence of God: perhaps far too much time was spent searching for God’s presence instead of taking time to consider whether God can sense my presence. 

Rabbi and Jewish theologian Abraham Joshua Heschel states: “we cannot make him visible to us, but we can make ourselves visible to him.”

In my personal experience of spiritual dryness, I often find that I lament to God about how I don’t feel him or how I don’t understand why a certain event takes place. Yet I rarely take time to simply meditate on his words or bask in his beautiful creation.

I go about my day-to-day life, spending time with friends and running errands, but it is not very often that I find myself in a state of submission, letting God have my presence fully. Instead I search for him and long for his ‘presence’ with such full-bodied determination that I forget to slow down and allow God to use me, to move in and through me.

You may find yourself at this stage of the journey now.

For several months you may have found yourself awakening to a perceived ‘absence’ of God’s presence, but today you find yourself awakening not just to the presence of God, but more so your own presence before this God who created you and the sky and the mountains and the sea.

Rest in this stage. Rest in the recognition that the Creator of the universe has been with you, moving in and through you all along. Rest in it, and let it be the fuel for the journey ahead, a journey filled with the unexpected joy of life lived in and through the presence of God.

Slow down, rest, and make yourself visible to the one who sustains all life, even when it all feels parched and dry.