To The RUC Community: We are Thankful for You!

Jordan Miller | OCAA WVB 2015 Tournament Chair

When submitting a bid package to host the 2014/15 OCAA Women’s Volleyball Championships, we in the department of athletics and recreation understood that for this event to be truly special, the community would have to be involved. Our prayers were answered. Redeemer students, staff, alumni, friends, and family came out in a big way. They came to watch, they came to cheer, and they came to be supportive and make every team involved feel at home. The competition took notice.

After receiving feedback from coaches and teams involved, as well as the OCAA executive members who were here, it is clear that the culture here at Redeemer was showcased well throughout the weekend. Warm smiles, welcoming demeanors, and loud cheering voices were commented on by all 8 of the teams involved in the tournament, as a small school with a tiny gym and a big heart welcomed some of the best athletes in the province. We want to thank you; we praise God for you, from those of you who volunteered to those who lost their voices and got lots of practice time on the drum line. 

In addition to the championships, we are grateful for those who helped us prepare the gym for what was surely the most highly attended and loudest basketball game in Redeemer history on the Saturday night of the competition.  The time-lapse video on the Redeemer Royals Facebook page speaks volumes as to how much effort it took to convert the gym, and how much work people were willing to put towards enhancing the event.

Thank you again, Redeemer! Enjoy the rest of the academic year and see you next season as we cheer on the mighty Royals!

OH WHEN THE REDS! Blessings,

Jordan Miller

OCAA WVB 2015 Tournament Chair